Pink Panther Teaches timeless wisdom.

A while back, a friend was sitting in a waiting room listening to an Alan Watts lecture on his iPod.

Distracted, he glanced up at the TV screen fixed to the wall above him. It was showing the classic Pink Panther episode “The Pink Phink”.

At that moment, something amazing happened; Watts’ words became perfectly juxtaposed with the visual. The storyline of the cartoon was flawlessly in sync with Watt’s wisdom.

So, here it is for your viewing pleasure: Pink Panther and his little friend playing a hilarious game of duality and pointing, with Alan Watts, to nondual awareness.

If you can’t see the video above, Click Here.

The Watts extracts are from ‘You’re It!: On Hiding, Seeking, and Being Found’ ©2009 Sounds True. The Pink Panther episode is ©2006 MGM.