From, Perth, Western Australia, Clearsight offers a transpersonal counselling service in-person or by phone. ‘Transpersonal’ comes from: trans persona, which means, going beyond or behind the mask or mind-made sense of “me”.

You can see/hear Dr Lukoff gives brief introduction to Transpersonal Psychology >>>HERE. We also speak more about it on our Web site. If you’d like to find out more, contact Pearl.

We also recommend: Undivided: the Online Journal of Nonduality and Psychology which was launched last October by editor-in-chief, John Prendergast, Ph.D. It’s free, peer-reviewed, multimedia and interactive.

The journal focuses on the confluence of nondual awareness and psychology and includes sections on contemplative essays, articles by nondual teachers and about nondual teachings, clinical practice, video and audio talks, book reviews, poetry and doctoral dissertations.

The Spring 2012 issue will be online this May. Enjoy!

Seeing is Freeing

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