I have discovered my deep deathless being:
Masked by my front of mind, immense, serene
It meets the world with an Immortal’s seeing,
A god-spectator of the human scene.

~ Aurobindo: The Guest

Transfigured moments are when the picture of our life becomes a window into a new world, and we come face to face with the glory of God. We discover a new way of seeing, a new way of hearing, and a new way of being.

Jesus didn’t ‘light up’ and become something he wasn’t. No, the disciples’ eyes were opened so they could see Jesus as he had always been.

Their ears were opened and they heard the voice that has never ceased speaking from the beginning … This is a transfigured moment.

Circumstances haven’t changed. We have changed and that seems to change everything.

Those transfigured moments are all around, when we see with new eyes and hear with new ears, and discover a window that opens into another world and another way of being.

Transfigured moments change us, sustain us, encourage us and guide us into the future regardless of the circumstances we face. They show us who we are (in essence … beyond outward appearances).

We are the transfigured people of God. My daughter, my beloved, you’re already okay.

Open your eyes and see a transfigured world. Open your ears and hear the transfiguring voice. Open your heart and become a transfigured life.

~ From: Interrupting the Silence, by Fr. Michael Marsh:

Transfiguration Here & Now

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