Eckhart Tolle argues that consciousness is the true source of creativity, joy and peace in your life. Without consciousness, you become captive to your thoughts and emotions.

In his book, A New Earth, Eckhart explains that much of your life is captured by your thoughts and emotions, fuelled by technology and television. According to him, your thoughts and emotions manifest your EGO and not your consciousness (the essence of who you are).

Without consciousness, you’re cut off from the real source of your creativity, enjoyment and peace. Eckhart’s ideas and their implications resonate with many people today — in fact, 6 million copies of this book have been sold. He argues that there’s a new global awakening — a New Earth — that’s emerging as a result of more and more people becoming aware of their consciousness, partly through dissatisfaction with their lives.

Eckhart suggests that you don’t utilize the power of your consciousness because you are continuously living in your thoughts and emotions. He explains that your thoughts and emotions are driven by EGO and not consciousness. They are often about the future or the past (not the present moment) and invariably involve comparison of yourself with someone else (others are your point of reference).

The validity of his words can be tested by listening to yourself talk, either your spoken words or your inner self-talk. Here’s a sample of what could come out of your mouth (or stay in your head):

  • They’re lucky, they have more of…
  • I can’t do this as well as them.
  • What will they think about my …?
  • I’ll be happy when I get one of those.
  • When I get these things done, I’ll be able to concentrate on the important things.
  • Today is hopeless, tomorrow is another day.
  • If only it was Friday!
  • …and so on.

Eckhart would argue that your thoughts drive your emotions — emotions such as disappointment, envy, distress, unhappiness, impatience, disgust or fear. Sometimes if you’re captured by the emotions of the past, your emotions will drive your thoughts.

You can also watch your EGO at work when you:

  • Talk endlessly about yourself.
  • Give embellished accounts of situations to show yourself in a good light.
  • Belittle or refuse to acknowledge the accomplishments of others.
  • Try to outdo the other person in terms of what you know or have achieved.
  • Interrupt others mid-sentence with what you want to say.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly caught myself out at times doing these things. It’s highly instructive to just listen to yourself or to watch yourself in action. Maybe this is why Eckhart’s work resonates so strongly with so many people — we can see evidence of what he says in every hour of our everyday life. The evidence is confronting and is intended to awaken us to the real riches that lie within — to go beyond dependence on the outer form or impression and to access the energy of consciousness.

When you develop your consciousness, you are opening up yourself to unfettered creative energy. You free yourself from self-sabotage, overcome information overload and tap into what Eckhart describes as the Power of Now.

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Why Develop Consciousness?