The irony is that our very search for the All (or whatever name we give It) … our search for It hinges on one thing — a deep-seated belief that It’s not now present.

And I don’t mean present in the sense of, like, ‘present but hiding’. Do you know what I mean? Like, if somebody said, “I put a million bucks in your house … somewhere. You’re actually rich, but if you don’t find it …” I mean pesent in the sense of obviously present, not hidden. Obvious!

The (continuing) search depends on a deep-seated belief that the All is not now present, here, in my experience, as it is before it gets better or worse … that the All is not present in my experience, this experience, right here, right now.

That’s what the search depends on … it depends on that belief, because that’s what get’s you to discount what’s happening now and to look for something more … something better … something else.To look within doesn’t mean to look within as if you were on a treasure-hunt … looking for the right experience, which is what most people do, right?

The guru, the sage, the sagess … say, look within and find God or whatever, so we look within, like we’re looking for some object or thing That’s just a mistaken idea, that comes from our tendency to split everything into little pieces … to fragment a whole … and then to think that God is one of those fragments. Imagine that?!

The All is just that … the All, period. End of story. If you’re ‘feeling good’, then the All is appearing as ‘feeling good’, If you’re confused, then it’s the All appearing as confusion, if you’re bored, then it’s the All appearing as boredom, if you’re enraptured, then it’s the all appearing as ‘enraptured’ … it’s all the All, that’s why it’s called the All. (laughter) See what I mean?

But the mind has this very insistant belief … “Well,” it says, “that sounds good, but I’m sure it can’t be that way … because I haven’t had the right experience yet … because I don’t feel good enough … that’s my proof.”

If that’s the case, then I’d suggest that most of our ‘not feeling good’, psychologically, emotionally, is because we haven’t stopped searching … we’re still searching because this moment is inadequate. This is what we believe … “God isn’t present now, Heaven isn’t present now, I’m still suffering … I wanted to feel better!” It’s always some version of the deep belief that this moment isn’t as it should be.

As long as we’re striving, searching, compelled by that instinct or reflex, then what we see, and what we experience is what’s not actually here — what’s not actually present. Does that make sense? Imagine that, we human-beings as a whole, most of our lives — from the cradle to the grave — are experiencing what’s not actually present, even though there’s nothing but the present … present!

We’re not actually experiencing what’s present, therefore, we’re trying to move away from what’s present, no matter how much somebody tells us to be ‘in the Now’. God bless Eckhart’s soul, you know … The Power of Now the average ego, even if it read the book and loved the book, and was inspired by the book, if it confessed its deepest truth … would say, I don’t want anything to do with now, actually, I’m trying to get to ‘then’! And I’m hoping to get there by being in the now! (laughter)

But ‘the now’ isn’t some hidden little place … The now is NOW, The now is now as it is, that’s the now … minus everything you think about the now. Because everything you think about the now is precisely what isn’t happening. That’s what’s not happening!

~ by Adyashanti. Transcribed from his video talk entitled: The Unified Expression of the All Vol. 63.

The All in Search of the All