A great Indian sage once observed: “God is [consciously] in all people, but all people are not [consciously] in God, and that’s the reason why they suffer.”

If a problem appears in my life … Well, not if, but when! … When a problem appears, I may forget Who I am and respond as if I am Richard (and only Richard). When I do this I see myself as a victim, up against the world, confronting others face to face, not in control, lacking resources, my will often thwarted. It’s not surprising if I suffer.

But if I then awaken to Who I am, I see that my suffering body and mind are happening in and emerging from this wonderful No-head and No-mind at my centre — this freedom and peace. Now I’m no longer a victim but the Source and Container of all things — astonishing Fact!

Here within me, nearer to me than Richard, is the Wisdom and Power behind the world, the Intelligence that invents and creates spontaneously, without effort and without knowing how, the Love that includes all. Seeing and being this Self-Originating miracle — this Deep and Merciful One — I am backed by the only true resource, the only real power.

If I’m gracious enough (or desperate enough) to say Yes to this One, to place my trust in it, it guides me. Being empty, I receive what I need — though it’s not usually what I think I need! As I continue seeing where my suffering is (there, not here), slowly or quickly my suffering dissolves.

As the pupil of the eye dilates in darkness and in the end finds the slightest glimmer of light, so your little self, as it were, dilates in misfortune and in the end comes to know Itself as the limitless Light of Consciousness. You are the Light that sees light and darkness. You are the numinous Light that, once recognized, sees the way through the turmoil of our human life-experience.

~ Richard Lang

~ We’re privileged that Richard will be in Perth soon to give special pressentations on the Headless Way at Piney Lakes, in Winthrop (see above), Richard will give an evening talk (Apr. 6 – Good Fri.) followed by a 2-day Weekend Workshop (Apr. 7-8). A special one-day pass is available for those who are unable to attend the full workshop.

~ For details, contact Sam on: 0412 039 050 or via: sam@rangsgraphics.com FLYER Bookings

Head to No-Head with Suffering

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