Scott’s Dictionary of Ridiculously Sticky Enlightenment Terms

Nondual Fascism: 1. The use of words like oneness, nonduality, consciousness, etc to ignore the beautiful uniqueness and diversity of life. 2. Arrogance caused by mistaking Sameness for Oneness. 3. The act of reducing everything to nothing … or to one thing called Oneness or Awareness.

Awakening Amnesia: Spending weeks, months and even years engaged in spiritual practices and attending to teachings to reach enlightenment, and then one day having an experience and then claiming “there’s nothing to do and no one to reach enlightenment.”

The Dreaming Teacher Syndrome: A spiritual teacher so hell bent on defending his own expression as the only right and true one that he or she has merely identified with a new set of dualistic thoughts (thereby speaking from within a dream about having woken up out of the dream).

Messy-anic Enmeshment: The act of mistaking personality traits of a teacher or someone claiming liberation for a trait intrinsic to Oneness or Consciousness. The personality gets enmeshed with attributes of awakening such that it’s hard to tell the difference.

For example, a peaceful personality by nature might make it appear that Oneness is peaceful. Or a charismatic spiritual teacher might give off the impression that if “Oneness is realized, you’ll be charismatic too!!!” Or a ruthless, even downright rude Zen master personality might make it appear that the only kind of true compassion is ruthless, stern compassion.

A person who prefers mundane, less materialistic atmosphere might make it appear that liberation equals humble anti-materialism, while a person who likes fine wine and nice clothes might give off the impression that “consciousness” is equated with the good life. A person who has a serious or unserious personality by nature who then claims that “consciousness is serious.” The personality is often blind to how its playing into this enmeshment.

The Silence Stalker: That guy on facebook that claims that silence is truth, but ends up noisily posting the most stuff on facebook to make that point.

Judgeless Judging: The act of judging all judgment to be bad

GroupSink: The phenomenon in which a particular spiritual movement or group is privy to a spiritual language that will unify the world, coupled with the failure to see that only those that believe in the language and use it are welcome.

The “No Self” Self: A state in which one comes to believe that she has woken up out of self, while being ignorant of the fact that the belief that she is not a self has become the new story of self.

Level Blindness: The claim that one has reached an absolute realization in which all levels are seen as non-existent, except the level that one is claiming to be absolute.

Wordless Worder: A person who uses a concept to make the claim that all concepts have been seen through.

~ by Scott Kiloby.


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