A story is told of a General travelling with his young Aide-de-Cap. They seated themselves opposite an elderly lady and her beautiful grand-daughter in a compartment of an express passenger train.

Some time into the journey, the train entered a long dark tunnel and, over the noise, other passengers in the compartment distinctly heard a kiss followed by a loud slap. A few moments later, the train rushed out into the light again.

The young woman thought, “Fancy that old General trying to get sweet with Grandma like that … well, she certainly showed him how to mind his manners.”

Her grandmother thought, “Indeed, the cheek of that young officer kissing my grand-daughter … still, it’s good to know she’s got some old fashioned principles.”

The General was thinking, “How do you like that, my Aide steals a kiss, the girl swings, misses him and hits me.”

And the young Aide said to himself, “Perfect, I kiss the back of my hand, clout the old geezer and get away with it!”

The Kiss

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