To compliment our focus on Ilie Cioara in this issue, I’d like to draw your attention to another now fully awakened individual who also served time in prison and whose writings today point to the same deep divine Presence that is our true beingness.

John Sherman describes his former self as ‘a two-bit hustler in the sixties who morphed into a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary bank robber and bomber. After being captured and breaking out twice, and several years on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, he was caught and spent the next eighteen and a half years in a federal prison.

Three years before his release, John stumbled on a little-known Eastern spiritual teaching, and awakened to reality. After his release, John met and married Carla and together they ‘stumbled’ upon the actual secret of eternal peace and joy, and are now happily sharing this with others. When encouraging others, John says …

“I want to suggest something to you that you can do for yourself that works. I know it works because it worked for me, and it worked for Carla, my wife, and it has worked for a growing number of people around the world now; people who have, maybe even despite their better judgment, actually tried to do what I suggest.

I do have a theory as to why it works, but my certainty that it works comes from my own experience, rather than from a theoretical understanding, and the ‘why’ of it is actually entirely beside the point. So here it is, the simple act of inward looking that snuffs out the fear of life.

Step 1: Learn to Move the Beam of Your Attention at Will

To begin, just relax for a moment, and notice the obvious fact that you have the power to move your attention at will. As you read this, move your attention away from the text for a moment, and direct it instead to the feel of your underlying nature. If you’ll try, with your whole heart, to bring the beam of your attention into direct contact with the reality of your true nature, you will snuff out the fear of life, which is the first cause of all human misery.

I call this action looking at yourself. If you’ll just try to look at yourself with the eye of attention, the ‘fear disease’ will disappear, and with it the perception of your life-experience as a problem to be solved, a threat to be destroyed. It’s that simple.

Notice the feel of your chest and belly expanding and contracting, and then bring attention back here to this page. Do that a couple of times so that you become familiar with what I mean by ‘moving the beam of your attention at will.’

That action of moving attention at will, as you just did, is all that’s needed to accomplish what I’m asking you to do. The more you practice this simple act, the more you’ll become familiar with how it feels to do it. And the more familiar you become with the feel of it, the more skillful and direct you’ll be in the effort to move the beam of attention where it must go.

Step 2: Turn the Beam of Your Attention Inward

Use that skill to actually turn the beam of attention inward, trying to make direct, unmediated contact with the reality of your own nature, by which I mean you, just plain and simple you. You know What you are, and you will surely recognize yourself when you see yourself in this way. It really is that simple. Repeat this as often as it occurs to you to do so.

There’s no step three.

A Few Tips About Where to Look

The act of inward looking may be simple, but the actual doing of it can seem anything but easy. But consider this: the feel of you is the only thing that is always here. All else — thought, belief, understanding, things seen and heard and felt, emotions, pain, pleasure — literally all else comes and goes.

So, looking for you is looking only for what is always here. Anything that is newly arrived, no matter how wonderful it may be, cannot be you. Likewise, anything that has been here and left, even if it might return, cannot be you.

Furthermore, you’re the plain and unmoving field in which all else comes and goes. You have nothing to give to you or take away from you and you are, therefore, profoundly uninteresting to the mind’s eye, which has no purpose other than to keep vigilant, to stay on the lookout for things to grasp, things to reject and destroy, and things that are safe to ignore in a forest of bright, shiny, ever-moving, fantastically fascinating parade of phenomena.

The fear of life is a kind of auto-immune disease. Its only function, insane as it may be, is to keep you safe from your own life, and this mission demands ceaseless attention to incoming phenomena. Because of this, its natural orientation is ever outward.
You, on the other hand, are wholly and perfectly inward.”

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Looking at Yourself

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