On the human level, many give their lives in dedicated selfless service of mankind, and there’s nothing more noble than this. But Jesus said, despite all he did, “Greater works than these shall ye do,” and that is where the work, the consciousness, the vision, and the awareness of the mystic comes in.

Indeed, “among all those born of woman [the mortal] there is none greater than John the Baptist; yet even the very least in the kingdom is greater than he.” Such is the kingdom of Consciousness.

Universal Christ-Consciousness constitutes the true nature of Individual Being and is that towards which we journey. It is the coming of that Day of Awakening for which we must prepare, the awakening to Christ within ourselves; then the realization of Its omnipresence, the omnipresence of the One Indivisible Life.

This is the goal and Call of God in man, the life and world God intended for Man.

Any sense of waiting for “Christ to come” or the “Messiah to return” is but the out-picturing and perpetuation of man’s ignorant belief that Christ, “The Messiah” of every faith, is not ever present; as if Reality ever went anywhere and if only Reality could come back, all would be well.

Yet how many there are who well-meaningly entertain such a belief, thereby overlooking the original revelation of the Masters of all religion throughout all time that God constitutes Individual Being and is ever present.

Awakening reveals the nature of “this world” as a state of hypnotism, and the true nature of Man as eternal through his oneness with God.

“I and the Father are One” is not a personalized reference, true of one man alone, and is certainly not true of any “person,” no matter who, but the truth of Individual Being universally. When Jesus admonished, “Why callest thou me good? There is but One Good, thy Father in heaven,” he was revealing the good in us all through the Father of us all, rendering us all Children of the same Father.

Then when he went on to say, “but I go unto my Father and your Father, unto my God and your God,” he was saying that all, unconditionally, are children of the One Father and as such, each one an emanation and offspring of the fullness of God; that we are all Children of God, “My Beloved Son,” that One in all, that One that is all, “in whom I am well pleased,” who through true recognition is known to be none other than Christ, the “Son of the Living God.”

It’s a state of being, potentially available to and attainable by all men, in which man realizes and experiences himself as that One Divine Presence. It is a dissolution of all that man the mortal has ever known and a revelation of all that Man the Immortal truly IS and has ever been.

It is Man’s true eternal Identity as the Child, or Son, of God.

~ From: The Day of Awakening, by Tony Titshall. See: TonyTitshall.com

Greater Works

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