I saw myself as a rock-pool on the edge of a vast ocean.
Late in the afternoon, as the sun sank toward the far horizon,
I became aware of a shining path, stretching o’er the distant waters,
Beckoning, it seemed, to something more than sea-weed, sand and anemones.
I suddenly longed to follow that Luminous Way but did not know how
Nor even if it were possible … for one set in earthbound-rock, as I was.

Then, as the tide rose, a few small wavelets washed o’er my rocky rim and into me.
I welcomed these infusions from the great immensity beyond and longed for more.
The tide rose higher and soon I was overflowing with its cool, translucent freshness.
How blessed, I thought, was I to receive of the ocean’s bounty.
But still, relentless in its high purpose, the tide came on, and on.
Till I was quite overwhelmed and submerged beneath the all-filling, all-embracing sea.

The deepening waters above and around became evermore still and silent.
Even the once-welcomed waves were now strangers to this tranquil realm.
And then the gnosis gleamed … and shone … more radiantly than any sun,
Revealing … that in truth, I was not in this luminous ocean, nor it in me,
But something far more wondrous — much more than I’d ever imagined,
Verily, there was only the omnipresent ocean — always … nothing else!

It was the realm of Beingness, a formless Self long forgotten by a form.
Nothing had been lost … except someone’s idea of being just a rock-pool.

~ Peter Stafford Sumner

A Rock-Pool?