A young man in south-eastern Australia was trying to establish himself as a peach-grower.

He’d worked hard and invested his all in a peach orchard which, after several years, blossomed wonderfully — then came a late frost.

He didn’t go to church the next Sunday, nor the next, nor the next.

His minister went to see him to find out the reason.

The young fellow exclaimed, “I’m not coming any more! Do you think I can worship a God who cares for me so little that He will let a frost kill all my peaches?”

The old minister looked at him a few moments in silence, then said kindly, “God loves you more than He does your peaches. He knows that while peaches do better without frosts, it is impossible to grow the best men or women without frosts. His object is to grow people, not peaches.”

~ Ed.

Why Frosts?

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