The teaching is based on nondual wisdom. It is called nondual because ultimately, there is no difference between the spiritual and the material. It is all one reality. The nondual approach is also known as the direct path to awakening. It confronts the one obstacle to true inner freedom — the belief in the sense of “I” or “me” as having a real, separate existence apart from consciousness—and reveals it to be the illusion that it is.

The world between our ears, in other words, the world of “I,” “me,” and “mine” is not real. It is a fabrication, a story we have spent a lifetime making up and believing. By inwardly examining our thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and ideas about ourselves, we begin to realize our personal stories are always changing.

The more we see this, the more the internal drama falls away. When we are simply present with our breathing, our body sensations and feelings, and our immediate environment itself, the story lets go of us. We start to know ourselves as the pure, luminous awareness which sees and experiences reality here and now, including the stories we tell ourselves.

This knowing may be somewhat intellectual at first, but gradually it becomes embodied. More and more frequently it becomes our lived experience, and manifests as a feeling of ease, flow, and relaxed yet alert presence. As our head clears and our heart opens further, we awaken to the true beauty and meaning of life. The mind is then no longer a distraction, but a powerful ally. Our life purpose becomes clear and love ultimately guides us in everything we do.

My upcoming Perth workshop (see below) will support you in making the shift toward inner freedom. Much of the content is drawn from actual dialogues I’ve had with countless truth seekers, both privately and in workshops, over many years. In addition, I tell many stories to clarify my meaning, as well as offering short mini-meditations in each chapter.

Woven into each session is the entire, seamless, nondual approach to awakening, which states that realization is a matter of seeing you are neither your story nor your thoughts. You are the clear, ever-present consciousness which is aware of everything, including the contents of your mind. Throughout this book I will emphasize this teaching, repeat it in many different ways, from many different angles, again and again. This is the way to have it sink into your mind and consciousness.

For each participant, it should become very clear as to what is involved in seeing through your own “story” and letting go of whatever beliefs, ideas, or concepts of “self” you may still be holding onto. The more you are able to simply be present and release all you inwardly hold onto (by seeing it is not real), the more you will find yourself relaxing into the awakened awareness that is your true nature.

Then your times of inner peace and freedom will occur more and more often, and the periods of conflict, stress, and suffering will be fewer and shorter in duration. Increasingly, a heartfelt sense of love and gratitude for life will be your predominant emotional reality. Then you can share the gift of awakening with others. You can share the new story you are creating for your life. In this way, our world will gradually be made whole.

Eventually, the day will come when you will pass through the final door of self-knowing. A profound and unshakeable sense of ease, presence, and beauty will then be yours.

~ Jim Dreaver, author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life.

~ Jim, originally from Auckland and now living in Los Angeles, is coming to New Zealand and Australia in November. He will be leading a workshop in Perth Fri. Nov 18 (free) Sat Nov. 19 & Sun. Nov. 20. To book, see:
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An Unshakeable Sense of Ease, Presence, and Beauty