The 8th Century‚Äôs Shankara, from India, was one of the original masters of nondual wisdom, the understanding of reality as fundamentally one, indivisible Whole. He said: “The realization of truth is brought about by perception, and not in the least by ten millions of acts.”

What he meant by this is all the spiritual techniques and practices, and all the good works in the world, will not set you free. Working with the body or engaging in breathing techniques won’t do it. Meditation won’t do it. Compassionate service to mankind won’t do it.

These practices are beneficial — and compassion, certainly, is needed throughout the world — but only the shift in perception I’ve been talking about will actually set you free: the shift from the limited, ego-bound perspective of “me, myself, and my story” into the expanded vision of clear, thought-free, present-time awareness.

The more aware of this you become, the more you intuitively realize you are not your body, mind, or senses because these can be observed. Rather, you are what is observing. What you actually are is pristine awareness or consciousness expressing through this unique instrument, this individual body/mind/self called “you.”

You are the timeless, unchanging awareness noticing and responding to the endlessly changing drama that is life. You are the consciousness giving birth to the entire world between your ears, the world that you have always thought of as “you.”

The deeper the realization of yourself as the consciousness behind everything — as the ocean, expressing itself as the wave called “you” — the closer you draw to the perceptual shift that is true inner freedom.

Eventually, if you keep seeking the core truth about who you are, the realization becomes complete and you no longer have to “work” at being aware. You will see that the world between your ears really is a kind of dream-world, a self-generated fiction, a story of your own making, and just through seeing this, it begins to fall away.

You don’t even have to actively drop it. Once you see the story you have been so attached to is not real, you will lose interest in it, in the same way a child lets go of the Santa Claus myth (albeit with much reluctance!) upon being told Santa is not real.

Your mind no longer controls you. Instead, you as consciousness are now fully in control of it. You still have thoughts, but you now know you are not your thoughts. You still have a story, but you now know you are not your story. You still have an ego, but now you know you are not your ego.

From this place of inner freedom you can then begin to use thought in a conscious, highly-intentional way. You can use the creative power of thoughts to manifest the results you seek in your life. This is what it means to see, and to live, from the Reality behind reality.

~ From: End Your Story. Begin Your Life, by Jim Dreaver

~ Jim, originally from New Zealand and now living in Los Angeles, California, is coming to New Zealand and Australia in November. He will be leading workshop in Perth F. Nov 18 (free) Sat Nov. 19 & Sun. Nov. 20 (to book, contact Pete on 08 9336 4737 or via More details at:

~ To see Jim in a recent 14 min video, go to ‘Being Present’.

Seeing from the Reality Behind Reality

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