“Some people who have come to me have been disappointed to discover that I have no supernatural powers to transmit, no magic wand to wave, no extraordinary knowledge to dispense which can make them instantly wise, loving, and happy.

“Who, then, are you?” they ask. “What’s your secret?”

My secret can be summed up in one word: selflessness.

Selflessness is the Truth. Selflessness is the Way. Selflessness is the Fruit. In reality, there is no ‘you’ nor ‘I’ nor any ‘self’ whatsoever. There is only Consciousness Itself — the One True God — which is what we are.

All that is necessary is to Realize This, because to Realize This is Wisdom, to Live This is Love, to Be This is Happiness. So, if you really want to know my secret, look to your ‘self’.

In finding the source of your ‘self’, you will find Consciousness Itself, and nothing else. Then, you, too, will be free of your self and all its sufferings.”

“Enlightenment, Realization, or Gnosis is nothing that can be attained through any of our conventional ways of knowing. This is because conventional knowledge is based on imaginary distinctions, which we take to represent reality.

The Reality that Gnosis reveals, however, is non-dual, and without distinctions.

To the extent that we reify the distinctions of conventional knowledge as inherently existing entities and objects, they act as veils to our Realization of this Non-dual Reality (‘I and the Father are one’).

Thus, to attain Gnosis we must surrender our belief that conventional knowledge gives us knowledge of Reality.”

~ From: Naked Through the Gate,, by Joel Morwood

~ To see and hear a 10-minute presentation by Joel, the director at the Center for Sacred Sciences, where he explains how Gnosis is beyond all concepts, how thought and language create duality, and how even “nonduality” is a relative concept: >>>Click Here

The Way to True Knowing