After centuries of philosophical inquiry and intense scientific exploration, for the first time in history we now know with certainty exactly what the material world is made of. Physicists have announced it, astronomers have proclaimed it, and technicians have proven it without a doubt in their laboratories; and yet hardly anyone in the world seems to be aware of the fact that everything is made of light.

Even those physicists who describe how the primordial photons of light transformed themselves into material particles do not seem to fully grasp the significance of the fact that everything in the universe is made of light.

Everyone has heard of the ‘Big Bang’, how all material particles were formed from that initial ‘fireball’ of high-energy photons; and yet it still has not sunk in to the contemporary psyche that everything is made of light.

Scientists say that the light from which the world of matter is made had to have come from the explosion of an unstable super-dense chunk of matter which they call a “singularity”, while people of religious or spiritual beliefs have understood since the most ancient of times that that light was caused by an act of God.

And yet still hardly any of the people in the world have fully grasped and understood the fact that everything is made of light.

Though so much of what passes as ‘science’ today is merely the passing fashion of the moment or a speculative theory that can never be substantiated, the current understanding among scientists that all matter is an evolute of an original light is one which seems to allow of no possible future refutation.

That energy and matter are interconvertible, and that the light-energy of the so-called ‘Big Bang’ of fourteen billion years ago transformed into the quarks and leptons that make up the entire world of matter is a discovery that is so incontrovertible, so uncontestable, as to effectively put an end to all future speculation as to what our world is made of.

And, despite the fact that scientific thinkers believe that that pristine burst of light was a ‘natural’ phenomenon (whatever that means), and spiritually oriented people are certain that the light came directly from God, the fact remains that an unimaginably immense blast of high-energy light flashed at the dawn of time in a nascent universe, and each photon of that light became a matter-antimatter pair contributing to make the phenomenal universe of form and substance that we live in today.

Philosophers and sages from the beginning of time have declared that, in addition to the light from which all ‘things’ are made, there is a conscious principle at work in the world that functions as life and awareness, which has been referred to as “spirit” or “soul”.

Materialists deny that such a universal principle exists — even though by doing so, they tend to deny the existence of their own intelligence; while the mystics, seers, and all the worshippers of a transcendent/immanent God affirm the principle of a divine “soul”, and base their lives and actions upon it.

Some say that “soul” is a subtler invisible light that emanates from God and coexists along with the grosser light of which all physical bodies are made, giving life and movement to those bodies, along with awareness and intelligence. And yet, still, nearly everyone in the world seems to be blind to the undeniable fact that everything is made of light.

And even fewer have traced that light, both gross and subtle, to its ultimate source, and come to know the one Spirit who is the Self of all, the One who alone shines in this world as the light from which both body and soul are created.

~ Swami Abhayananda, Body And Soul: An Integral Perspective. available in paperback from and Online.

The Light of God

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