I’ve discovered that it’s actually impossible to find happiness. As long as you’re seeking to find happiness ‘somewhere’, you’re overlooking where happiness is.

As long as you’re seeking to find God someplace else, you’re overlooking the essential truth of God, which is omnipresence.

When you seek to find happiness someplace else, you’re overlooking your true nature, which is happiness. You’re overlooking yourself.

I’d like to offer you the invitation and the challenge to stop overlooking yourself, to simply, radically, and absolutely be still — to put aside, at least for a moment, all of your ideas of where God is, or where truth is, or where you are.

Stop looking anywhere. Stop seeking. Simply be. I am not talking about being in a stupor, or going into a trance, but going deeper into the silence of your heart where the revelation of omnipresence can be revealed as your true nature.

I’m asking you to be still in pure presence. Not to create that, not even to invite it, but simply to recognize what is always here, who you always are, where God always is.

At this point in our human history, what was once reserved for the most rare beings is available to ordinary people.

Because we have considered ourselves ordinary, we have kept a certain door closed within our brains and within our hearts to the truth at the core of it all.

But at this time there is a crack in our conditioning. If you are reading this you are already aware of it to some degree or you wouldn’t be subscribed to this eZine.

This is a time of the ordinary awakening. This means you, not only those born under the brightest stars but the ordinary person as well.

~ Gangaji — From: The Diamond in Your Pocket www.gangaji.org/

Be Still and Know

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