Sometimes spiritual seekers seem like alcoholics,
And gurus like bartenders,
And sanghas like nightclubs,
And “God”… the Ultimate Hottie.

Alas… when satsang ends,
And the “high” wears off after a few days,
And She stops returning your calls,
The Ultimate Hottie seems the Ultimate Tease.

Beside yourself with Grief and Longing,
You drink your way into oblivion,
And awaken, dawn after dawn,
In the arms of Maya.

Until one morning, turning to gaze,
Once more at the face of despair,
You find, instead, your long lost Beloved,
Your Heart’s Desire.

It was Her all along,
Wearing Maya’s makeup.
You were simply too drunk,
On the bartender’s “words”.

~ Chuck Surface

The Ultimate Hottie

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