Many children when they are first introduced to Christianity wonder why the body of Jesus, impaled upon a cross and bleeding from his wounds, is the symbol for Christianity.

Millions of people for thousands of years would not have related to it if there wasn’t something inside themselves that deeply resonated. In other words, perhaps they were not yet awake enough to see it directly inside of their own psyche, but the inner reality that Jesus on the Cross symbolizes is that of the collective pain body of humanity.

It seems right now that there is a lot of pain out there from sex scandals to oppressive Middle Eastern regimes. And all of it is brought to you live on cable news and the Internet. This is a further representation of how the pain body renews itself both on a global social and cultural scale as well as personally inside of each of us.

Reduced to its essence, the pain body is an independent energy-form that dwells within most humans. It has its own intelligence similar perhaps to a clever and cunning animal. And that intelligence is concentrated on maintaining its survival.

Like all living things, the pain body needs to replenish itself. The food it requires is energy that vibrates at the same frequency and has a character similar to its own. For the pain body, any emotionally painful thought, experience, deed, or fear can serve as food for it. That’s why it thrives on conflict, drama, and negativity.

You may be surprised the first time you discover that there is actually an entity inside yourself that feeds and thrives on conflict, negativity, and unhappiness. When one is identified with the pain body, there is a tendency not to turn towards goodness and charity, but actually make others as miserable as you are in order to feed on their negative reactions.

As disturbing as this realization may seem, it does explain why humans on this planet treat each other so poorly and why one recent news commentator compared the media to high school where bullying, hatred, bias, and close-mindedness seem to rule the day.

Realizing that we are all at the effect of the global pain body will begin to give us the understanding and compassion to see it at work; stop feeding it, and finally dis-identify from what is a primitive and unneeded part of our brain and cultural past.

~ Eckhart Tolle.

Why We Resonate with the Cross

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