Many traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and others, have nondual teachings and branches. These nondual teachings all point to the same core truth.

Or, as it’s been said, “There are many paths up the mounatin, but the view from the mountaintop is ever the same.”

The masters of our Nondual Wisdom Tradition teach that the source, course and goal of the spiritual ‘path’, including any traveler on that ‘path’, are but different aspects of one indivisible ultimate reality.

So the core message could be stated as …

I am That, You are That, All this is That, There is nothing else but That, That is all there is.

The task of the seeker is to turn “That” into “This” by consciously realizing one’s true nature.

Another way of stating the core message is simply …

All there is is Consciousness. Consciousness is all there is.

In the statement above, you can replace Consciousness with God, Providence, Universal Mind, The Christ, The Buddha, Krishna, whatever (but not ‘creation’ or ‘the phenomenal world’).

The idea is that Reality is not two… there is actually no separation between you and God, or you and anything else (appearances notwithstanding). You — and every ‘thing’ around or within you — is simply God ‘manifesting’.

Consciousness (or God etc.) can exist without the manifest universe, but the universe could never exist apart from Consciousness.

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The Core Message

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