I suffered in twenty years of addiction. I searched every twelve step method, religion, self-help book, teaching, and positive thinking program that I could find. The seeking for spiritual enlightenment or self-help became my new drug.

It was only when I met the non-dual message that the addictive cravings and obsession greatly diminished, to the point of being virtually absent. Presence was the key. I want to share this message

Through resting in presence, and allowing all thoughts, emotions, and sensations to be as they are, the addict begins to experience a newfound freedom to not follow each thought, emotion, or sensation that arises.

Through resting in presence, the pull towards the object or towards the future, can dissolve away on its own. This approach to recovery is more helpful than developing a better story or ego.

This approach helps the addict see through the ego itself. It helps the addict see through the sense of separation.

When the addict no longer identifies with thoughts, the thoughts are allowed to come through freely and uninterruptedly. But the clinging to those thoughts for a sense of self releases itself.

In that release, the addict stops seeing himself as an object, cut off and separate from other objects “out there.” Therefore the seeking towards those objects releases itself. And the incessant, over-active thinking relaxes.

Through presence, the addict experiences a quiet mind. That quiet mind is like a warm bath that embraces him in all situations, providing a sense of freedom, peace, and well-being.

When the addict experiences real freedom, peace, and well-being, the need for a fix dissolves away. And the need to identify himself as an addict or “sick person” falls away too.

~ by Scott Kiloby, From his about-to-be published book: Natural Rest: Finding Recovery Through Presence

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Recovery – A New Paradigm

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