All my life magic was around me. When I was a kid it was an everyday thing. But I was very, very skeptical. I became even more so when I went to medical school to become a surgeon.

It was in my last year of medical school that I crashed my car and had an out-of-body experience. That changed everything. After that experience I began looking for answers. I went searching right away, because I’d had the most incredible experience, but there were no words to explain it. It changed my life completely because I understood that my everyday life was not exactly as I had believed.

My grandfather used to tell me that life was a dream. He also said that when people finally realized this, the dream could be changed, and then humanity would change. After my accident, everything I had witnessed as a child started making sense.

You know that it’s one thing to hear about something and another thing to have an experience. After the accident the things my grandfather said were no longer theories for me, they were facts.

I knew that I was not my physical body. I experienced myself as a force that moves the physical body. A force that is hard to talk about, but we can see its results and manifestation in everything. It is this force that opens the flowers and it is the same force that moves the stars and moves the atoms. That is what I am and what you are.

There is no difference between the force that opens a flower and the force that makes us grow up and the force that makes us grow old. This is life!

After the accident, my point of reference was changed radically. I saw that we are used to illusion, or maya. I saw the reason why we get upset and angry, why we become violent. I saw that we misperceive everything. And it is this misperception, this distortion that creates all the problems for humanity.

~ from a longer interview with Miguel Ruiz by Diane M. Cooper

~ to read the complete interview: >>>Click Here

The Mastery of Love

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