Our planet, whether in the first world or the third world, is going through austerity measures that causes most of us to experience a sense of lack. In fact, our minds can become habituated to ignoring that which is good is our lives and only seeing the lack.

Who is this person that chronically complains about not being treated well enough?

This is the “needy little me” that is the small mind being identified with. This part of ourselves is always finding others that are withholding from them what they need when what is really happening, is a dis-identification with who they really are.

If you see yourself as a weak, needy person abused by the world and others then that self-image will sabotage your relationships, your career even your relationship with money. In fact, identification with lack tends to bias one’s point of view to seeing lack everywhere.

The first step in changing your identification with the victim position of “I’m being taken for granted and can’t get the respect, attention, and recognition I deserve” is to acknowledge the good that can already be recognized and cherished in your life.

Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world. The reason you are withholding is because down below the surface of your awareness you believe you are insignificant, powerless, and have nothing to contribute.

An excellent practice to change this negative identification would be the next time you feel a lack of attention, appreciation, or nurturing from someone — just give those positive qualities to that person anyway. You will notice that as you start giving you will find that you also will start to receive.

The law that outflow determines inflow is a repeatable scientific experiment that you can try each day in your personal life.

~ by Eckhart Tolle www.tolleteachings.com

Eckhart on Abundance

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