Because self doesn’t have an authentic condition, it has to be reinforced by an activity, called selfing.

There’s no appearance of self without selfing. Yes?

Selfing is what causes the feeling of being a noun.

But it’s a verb.

There’s no noun called ‘self’.

But the verb of selfing produces the sense of being a noun.

And that has to be happening quite a lot because the sense of being in the noun isn’t real.

You never become a noun.

There’s just a sense of being a noun.

It can never create a noun. It can make the sense of being a noun. And that’s all.

It’s sort of like it has to whip it up.

It’s like like a mix. It’s gotta keep mixing it, mixing it, mixing it and the movement of it gives an appearance that there’s something solid.

~ Paul Hedderman

The Selfing Illusion

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