Q: I was trying to be and not think, but I found it very difficult. I found my mind wandering quite a bit.

Linda: I wouldn’t advise trying not to think. When you realize that you’re thinking, step back a bit from it and try not to go with the thoughts.

But you can’t just stop thinking. It doesn’t work – and it’s a very aggressive thing to do.

It’s better to work with the thoughts, and not see the thoughts as something that shouldn’t be there.

Ultimately they do go, but the way they go is not through fighting with them, battling them.

It’s a matter of seeing them as thoughts, no matter what they are, and coming back to the body when you can.

Sometimes you won’t be able to — they’ll just be so strong that they’ll take you over. But rather than just watching the thoughts, watch your reaction to them.

~ from: What do you Want? Conversations about Enlightenment with Linda Clair.

Working With Your Thoughts

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