The metaphor of being spiritually “awake” is used a lot but not always with deep reflection. The actual experience of sudden opening is very much like waking up .

It’s as if you’ve been drifting through life in a dream state and just not known it. The dream-like barrier of mental filters and projections that has stifled your perception for so long falls away like a heavy blanket.

Nothing around you has changed, but you finally, truly see things as they are. You blink, look around yourself, and are surprised to realize you’ve been in a sort of half-seeing trance all your life… and now you’re awake.

Today I Awoke

Today I awoke, finally I see the Self has re-turned to the Self.
The Self is none other than the Self.
I am deathless. I am endless. I am free.
The birds outside sing…
The birds outside sing and there am I.
The seeing of leaves on the trees, that seeing am I.
The body breathes, breathing am I.
I am awake and I know that I am awake.
Seen from the old eyes, everything is asleep, a game, a delusion.
But now I am awake. I am the play. I am the game. I am the delusion.
I am the enlightenment I sought, looking everywhere.
Nothing is separate, nothing is alone.
I am all that I see. All that I smell, taste, touch, feel, think and know.
I am awake and this awakeness is the same as Shyakyamuni Buddha’s.
Today the leaf has returned to the root.
I am all name and form and beyond all name and form.
I am Spirit, no longer trapped in a body.
I am free. I am free because I am awake.
So ordinary. Who would have thought ? Who could have guessed?
I am home. I am really home. Ten thousand life times.
Ten thousand life times but today I am home.
Ten thousand life times but today I am home.
This is not an experience. This is me.
I am awake. Finally, I am awake.
Nothing has changed, but I am awake.
Before I tasted the root many times and felt, how delicious.
Today I became the root. How ordinary.

~ by Adyashanti. From: My Secret is Silence: Poems & Sayings ….

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