Two men on vacation near Auckland in New Zealand took a week’s hire on a small boat with powerful twin outboard engines.

After running up and down the Waitemata Harbour for a few days, they decided they knew enough about it to take it into open water, which they did.

About two kilometres off Auckland in the Pacific Ocean, the motors died. Before they knew it they had drifted and were blown out of sight of land.

After a bit of tinkering they got the outboards going again, but now they didn’t know which way to go.

Then a ship came by and they hailed it. They asked a seaman who was leaning on the rail, “Which way to Auckland harbour?”

The seaman shouted down, “Just a minute and I’ll go up to the bridge and get you an exact satellite position and bearing.”

They shouted back “Never mind getting technical. Just point!”

Forget the Technology!

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