“Human beings need not be guided by blind faith alone. For the heart has wings capable of flying where the thinking mind cannot. These are the wings of love and awe. Love impels the soul to soar toward that which is ultimately attractive, and awe humbles one’s limited individuality before the “mysterium tremendum”. While we rush with open arms toward the beautiful, we feel compelled to bow down before the sublime.” ~ Thomas Hickey

“To realize one’s true nature is to realize that one is the only One that is. This is a paradoxical combination of worship, admiration and wonder for the One, while at the same time realizing that all this is the experience of the One by the One. One’s own Self-awareness is none other than God’s own Self-awareness.” ~ Douglas Harding

When recognition dawns at last in Awareness (our essential nature) and it’s seen that Consciousness is all there is and that there is nothing else whatever, it may be imagined that worship has no place in the life of the awakened individual because it’s thought there’s no otherness or duality to make worship possible.

This conclusion is sometimes drawn, because the human mind cannot grasp the awesome wonder, sublimity and mystery of That which is pointed to by the word: Consciousness.

The great Indian sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj urged his hearers to consider the divine nature or aspect of Consciousness when he said:

“Do you realize the unimaginable greatness, the holiness of what you so casually call Consciousness? It is the unmanifest Absolute aware of its awareness through the manifestation, of which your mind-body is presently a part.”

An ancient Indian scripture, The Yoga Visistha, is unequivocal in asserting that worship is actually natural and delightfully beneficial for those in whom the ultimate understanding has arisen. It also tells us how to enjoy without interruption this most important practice.

This Consciousness (the Self), it says, is to be worshipped inwardly by one’s own consciousness, not by outward ritual or material substances — by waving of lamps, lighting incense, offering flowers or even food or sandalpaste.

Consciousness is apprehended or realised without the least effort, and is worshipped by self-realisation alone. And the Self is not realised by any means other than meditation.

Meditating with form such as upon an object, sound, breath or mental image is both external and dualistic, since there exists the division of the subject (the one that meditates) and object (that which is meditated upon).

~ The Yoga Visistha

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