Reviewing the history of our sacred traditions, it’s clear that nondual spirituality is the highest form of mystical religion.

Non-duality holds that ultimately there is only the Reality of God-Brahman-Buddhata-Tao-Awareness, with no separation between God-and-world, God-and-soul, soul-and-world, or soul-and-soul. In other words, it’s all God!

There is one omnipresent nondual Reality, Pure Awareness, with no “rival reality” that can compete or interfere with or occlude this supreme Truth.

Hence, anyone who sincerely invokes the timeless self-inquiry, “Who or What am I?” — will discover the unspeakable wonder and beauty of Who is really here and What we really are: infinite spiritual Awareness poignantly associated with (not trapped inside) a finite body-mind-soul or limited personality.

By Divine Grace, we find, as all true mystics worldwide have found in opening up to non-dual spirituality, that Pure Awareness or Spirit, prior to the rise of the egocentric “me,” is the transpersonal One transcending yet permeating this personality.

This is to awaken from the plight of selfishness to the living God’s Self-Fullness. It is to “lose one’s life” for Eternal Life, as Jesus invited. Or, as Paul said, to recognize that “in Him we live, move and have our being.”

~ by Dr Timothy Conway

Nondual Spirituality