“Hi! My name is Richard Lang. I’m sharing this in the hope that it will help more people become aware of who they really are, and as a result receive the many benefits that flow from this awareness.

“First of all, what do I mean by who you really are?

“If I were to ask you who you are, you would probably tell me your name. You might then go on to tell me other things about yourself, such as what you do and where you live. This is who you are. It’s how others identify you and how you identify yourself. However, it’s not the whole story about you – it’s not who you really are.

“You have another identity which is private and secret, which you may or may not be aware of — your True Identity. This is who you are deep down in the centre of your being. If you look there you won’t find your name or personality or anything at all — instead you’ll find pure, silent Consciousness.

“This silent Consciousness is boundless and empty, like space. It’s timeless — it was never born and will never die. And yet, though it’s empty and timeless, it’s endlessly creative and infinitely wise, the source of your life and of everything. If you cultivate awareness of this creative source within you, this pure silent spirit, you’ll find it benefits you in every area of your life.

“The idea of your True Self is not new. You’ll find it in one form or another within each of the world’s major religions. All great mystics have awoken to this Reality. Looking within themselves they’ve found total peace, unfading joy, eternal life. Many of them have tried to share their discovery with others, realizing that most people are unaware of their True Self, and are not receiving therefore the blessings that come with this awareness.

“If you’re not seeing who you really are, not aware of this pure, timeless Consciousness deep within yourself, you’re overlooking one of the most amazing things about yourself, and missing out on the many wonderful gifts it brings with it. How, then, can we awaken to our True Identity and receive its countless blessings?

“There are many ways or spiritual paths that lead to your True Self. Here I’m going to present a contemporary Western way developed by the English philosopher Douglas Harding. Sometimes called the Headless Way, it’s a method of looking directly into the centre of your own being.”

~ From the introduction to “Discovering Your True Self, an excellent Audio CD produced and spoken by Richard Lang.

Discovering Your True Self

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