We are now going through a time that calls for compassion and a centring into a deeper strength — a strength that is born of the Presence within us.

As we bear witness to ongoing adversity in the form of disasters (natural and social) it is natural, even for those not directly affected, to feel a sense of overwhelm or shock. What is significant is that we are all affected, even when we don’t necessarily recognise it. We are all affected because indeed we are all connected. We are ONE LIFE.

What is acutely highlighted at this time is the true nature of life… that all things are subject to change; even the things we have seen as our greatest source of security may be taken away suddenly or unexpectedly.

With compassion we can embrace a deeper Presence of Love — one that extends a presence of calm, guided by the knowing that life itself is eternal… and although we may cling to these bodies and objects we wish to hold on to… it is only love and the spirit of life that endures.

By gathering in Presence, whether in the silence of one’s own heart, or as a group, we may extend this calm to all those who are suffering at this time and are perhaps incapable of making an aware connection to their own eternal nature.

It’s a time to re-assess, to reconsider our priorities, to re-gauge what in our life has true or lasting meaning. As we gather our thoughts into a place of quiet contemplation we may also re-connect to the peace that is always here, underlying every moment… even in the midst of disaster.

Even in the face of tragedy there is an opportunity for true change… an opportunity to connect with the true nature of life again, to be freed of the burdens we have bound ourselves to through material attachments or indulgence, and to find the simple beauty and joy again of living in harmony with the true nature of our own being and life at large.

~ by Isira Living Awareness

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