A lot of people are upset and disturbed by the earthquake in Japan. How could this happen? In reality, what happens is actually the most unstable aspect of the known universe. The world of cause and effect is changing constantly, like the relentless movement of tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean that created the latest disaster.

The 24 hour news cycle shows you the latest YouTube video uploaded by survivors more interesting in filming the catastrophic event than running for their lives and surviving it. What are these people missing? They are missing the deeper perfection of life itself, the Stillness that has nothing to do with the coming and goings of form. And this brings us to the problem of depending on what happens to make us happy.

As obvious and matter-of-fact as changing circumstances may seem to be linked to having a happier life, just look to the most highly paid US television actor’s most recent antics to see how futile relying on any form, anything that can be bought or sold; anything that can be earned or achieved, or any magical event. If Charlie Sheen isn’t happy with all his millions, what do you think will happen to you when you finally win the lottery?

As far as true Joy of Being is concerned, beating a computer at Jeopardy, or winning the Powerball is completely irrelevant. Simply put, true, satisfying, everlasting joy cannot be manifested by an act of will. Especially if that will is based on a goal or need from the outside world of circumstance. That will lives in the same world in which tsunami’s kill thousands, copper mines trap miners, and an infinitely fertile inner pollution of negativity thrives on our planet.

True joy actually derives from a place beyond form that cannot even be called a place. It is consciousness itself and is in the end the supreme identity of who you are… complete, needing no adjustment, requiring no attention, simply being there.

~ Eckhart Tolle www.tolleteachings.com

Depending on what Happens to be Happy

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