The primordial wisdom mystery teaching of the Gnosis of Light is this: that humankind has an inherent, indwelling divine nature or “heart essence.”

“The Nature of Mind (consciousness) is primordially pure from the very beginning.” Though seemingly separated and descended into the material world of ‘flesh’ and ego, awakening souls desire to be released, to return to the actual spiritual perfection or wholeness that is, paradoxically, their actual design and identity from the very beginning.

This return to, or realization of, our original inherently divine nature is the great esoteric truth. It is the perennial, mythical archetype of “the eternal return”. This truth of our apparent descent into material space/time and the return to essential, nondual spirit is present in the inner esoteric and greater esoteric nondual wisdom teachings in virtually all religious traditions.

This truth is descended to Christianity through the esoteric and innermost secret tradition of the Hebrews and the Greeks (Moses, Pathagoras and Plotinus etc.). This teaching was present in the Hellenistic mysteries which were descended from the Hermetic, Orphic and Vedic mystery traditions and their prehistoric antecedents.

That which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist, from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh (of Jesus), at which time the true religion which already existed began to be called Christianity.
~ Augustine. Epis. Retrac., 1, xiii, 3)

Thus it is the nature and destiny of humanity, according to the teaching of our great Primordial Wisdom Tradition as it is embodied in esoteric Christianity, that “in the beginning” humankind was spiritually divine and whole, not separate from the nondual Father-Holy Spirit-Christos.

Humanity descended from this ‘Eden’ consciousness, androgenous form polarized into two genders, became clothed in “coats of skin,” and became egoically separated and forgetful (amnesis) of its divine source.

This theme is constant in the various creation mythologies of our species. This is the hell of samsara: the sin (ignorance, hamartia, avidya, marigpa), suffering (pathos, duhkah) and death (thanatos) that is the story of the Old Testament, and the ancient Vedas of India.

~ The Gnosis of Light, by David Paul Boaz

Discovering That Which Has Always Been

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