If God is truly infinite, then there is not the smallest place, nor the shortest moment where God is absent. God, to be truly infinite, must (by definition) be everywhere, all times, with all life.

There can be nothing that is not God, nothing that is not made of God, because in the beginning there was only God and nothing else — pure creativity. God already filled all of existence. There couldn’t have been any room left over because if there was, then God wasn’t infinite.

Thus, God only had Itself out of which to make everything God created and thus, despite the illusion of separateness, we can not actually be separate from God because there is nowhere else to be separate from God.

All of God is right where you are now and nowhere else. I AM is one. There is no second I AM to stand in your light, to put up the feeblest opposition. All is as you would have it because you are Who you are. Here is no spark of that Fire, but the blazing Furnace itself.

~ by Douglas Harding. See: Who or What is God?

All of God

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