The spiritual path is the search for truth. In truth there is Relative Truth and Ultimate Truth. Relative Truth is a moving target of increasing honesty with ourselves. Ultimate Truth is our deepest perception of the Present Moment.

The global controversy over Wiki-Leaks stems from the question of whether there are some things that everyone should know and other things that only a few should know.

Certainly we could all agree that to stop nuclear proliferation, the knowledge of how to manufacture nuclear weapons should be restricted.

Some world leaders feel that revealing state secrets on the Internet is tantamount to the Rosenbergs revealing US atomic secrets to the Russians after World War II.

What about the secrets of self-realization?

A lot of questions were asked about A New Earth. Who do we share it with? The answer pertaining to all spiritual transmissions is always that those who relate to the information will be informed and those who are not yet at a level to understand or appreciate the information will fear, disagree or ignore it.

Certainly evangelical religions may state that any religious conversion, even under the might of God’s “terrible swift sword”, is better than no conversion. After all, Osama Bin Laden told the U.S. there would be no attacks if America converted to Islam.

Will Wiki-Leaks change the international landscape or be forgotten like Y2K? This is the difference between Relative Truth and Ultimate Truth. The Wiki-Leaks story is important now in 2011, but ultimately the long term effect may have no impact on history.

In the meantime, each of us needs to return to the Present Moment. The gossip of the 24-hour news cycle is a meaningless Relative Truth, while the Ultimate Truth is always a breath away.

~ Eckhart Tole

Wiki-Leaks and the Secrets of Self-Realization

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