There was once a civil engineer who found a magic lamp.

When he rubbed it, a genie jumped out and said to him, “You have three wishes. But there is a catch — this wish system of mine was designed by a lawyer, so whatever you wish for, every lawyer in the world will get double of!”

The engineer replied, “That’s no problem, I can live with that.”

He then said, “For my first wish, I wish I had a Ferarri.”

“OK”, said the genie, and a Ferarri appeared in front of the engineer. “But remember, every lawyer in the world now has TWO Ferarris,” the genie told the engineer.

The engineer remained unperturbed and said, “For my second wish, I wish for a million bucks.”

So a million bucks appeared in front of the engineer and the genie said, “remember, now every lawyer in the world has TWO million bucks.”

The engineer was non-committal and then said, “You know, I always wished I could donate a kidney!”

~ Please support DonateLife Week — Australia’s national awareness week, Feb. 20-27, to promote organ and tissue donation.


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