It’s good to realize that the mind is a “thing” and that you can be totally swallowed up in it, or … you can be outside of it, observing it like an object.

We aren’t always aware of this distinction. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that you’re in the mind, much like you can be in a dream and not know it.

When you contemplate, being outside the mind is not only useful, it is practically essential. Why so important?

If you’re identified with the mind, you’re telling stories, analyzing, remembering, visualizing and so forth. You never get beyond the dualisms that are inherent in conceptual thought.

Instead of directly knowing (and experiencing) the truth, you would just have ideas about it.

When you make it your intention to observe your own mind, you soon develop the ability to be outside of it. That, is somewhere around the threshold of direct knowing.

~ Edrid Riddle,

Being Outside the Mind

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