Relationship is not to totality, it is totality. This is why so many progressive Christians have discovered that the limitation of worship is that they must maintain the duality of separation from that which they love.

The progressive Christian is tempted by her/his love for God, even after s/he discovers that maintaining that duality separates her/him from the totality, which, of course, is the manifest God.

So the poor progressive Christian is in a real dilemma. S/He’s been fasting and praying and doing all kinds of austerities for all these years. S/He loves her/his God with all her/his heart. S/He prays to God every hour of every day. God returns her/his worship with words of love.

One day s/he asks God for insight into the nature of the absolute and the boundaryless nature of life is revealed to her/him.

God shows the progressive Christian that the God s/he worships is the mind’s projection. God shows the progressive Christian that there is no ‘person’ who worships, and no ‘God’ to be worshiped.

There is no separation. There is no difference!

The progressive Christian is in rapture. S/He calls to God her/his thanks, her/his praise, her/his ever lasting love. But, there’s only silence in response.

In the progressive Christian’s realization of non-duality, God has vanished!

So, after a very long night of consideration of the boundarylessness of life, the progressive Christian calls to God once more. This time s/he asks for one last boon.

The progressive Christian asks God to take away the knowledge of that true nature of life and to return as her/his object of love.

Of course, the boon is granted, the progressive Christian once again can worship her/his God. S/He soon forgets the totality. S/He is addicted to separation.

~ by Steven Harrison. Read the complete interview: >>>Here

The Progressive Christian’s Dilemma

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