(The world, as it appears) is only an insubstantial show after all; a dance of light beams spread out in pointillistic waves of God’s imagination. We analyze this light-show, and divide it into fermions and bosons, quanta and waves of probability; and yet it’s all His miraculous handiwork, His mind-woven fantasy.

How easily we convince ourselves with our familiar ‘scientific’ terms that it is only earth and wind and water — all just familiar and ordinary stuff. And, O how easily we forget our own Divinity, and lose sight of the Divinity of all that makes up our shining universe.

It is, of course, our minds that must be reformed in order to regain that clarity of vision. We are born to achieve that clarity; it is the destination of the Divinely implanted evolutionary force within us.

It requires of us a reduction, a simplification, of our scattered vision, so that we can keenly know God’s being in ourselves and others, and see God’s spreading light in all that plays before our eyes.

~ S. Abhayananda

The Divine Fantasy

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