The Old Testament (Ex. Ch. 16) tells how the fleeing Jewish slaves, led by Moses, were sustained in the desert by the miraculous daily provision of “manna.” This was a small, white, flaky substance which was reported to have tasted like wafers made with honey.

Interestingly, it’s said the manna only lasted for one day and after that it went bad. So manna could not be accumulated and stored, it had to be gathered and eaten fresh every day.

Like all good stories, the providing of daily manna in the desert has lessons for spiritual ‘sojourners’ today. One of those lessons is that Truth or Reality cannot be stored, cannot be amassed — it does not accumulate.

The value of any insight, understanding, or realisation can only be in the ever-fresh presence of the moment.

Yesterday’s realisation is not a bit of good. Now it is dead. Now it has lost it’s vitality.

It is useless to try and cling to or hold onto an insight, an understanding, or a realisation, for only in its movement can there be the enabling of ever-fresh and new insights of Truth or Reality to appear.

The idea of enlightenment or self-realisation as a onetime event or a lasting and permanent state or experience is an erroneous concept.

Understand-ING or know-ING is alive in the immediacy which can never be negated. The emphasis is on the activity of know-ING which is going on as the immediacy now — not the dead concept ‘I understand’ or ‘I know’.

~ by Bob Adamson (Sydney)

Daily Manna

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