The grey bubble said to the blue bubble, “Reality is grey.” The blue bubble said, “No, it’s NOT grey. It’s blue.” Then they both fought. But eventually, through the conflict, they both popped and got inside a yellow bubble called “enlightenment.” They began touring the world together, trying to pop all other bubbles.

But who would pop their yellow bubble?

Along came a purple bubble that said, “All bubbles are allowed.” The purple bubble had no desire to pop anyone’s bubble. But then the purple bubble ran across the yellow bubble and didn’t like it, so it excluded it. The excluded yellow bubble colored itself pink and started touring the world again, as the new enlightenment bubble.

It touted itself as the bubble that has come to understand how all other bubbles work in relation to each other, putting exclusionary bubbles at the bottom of the hierarchy. It had all bubbles and the story of bubbling mapped out perfectly.

Then came a brown bubble and said, “All you other bubbles have over complicated this whole thing.” This is just about seeing that there is no bubble.

Brown became popular. It was like fast food, McDonaldized enlightenment. All other bubbles loved it. Brown claimed that yellow and pink and all the other bubbles still saw themselves as bubbles. And that was their problem. If they could only see that they were never bubbles to begin with, they would see that they are already free.

But who would pop Brown’s bubble?

Then one day Brown’s version fell out of popularity. Brown was never popped. He still has a book and a website, but no other bubbles come to visit it. All the other bubbles didn’t get his fast food enlightenment. So they found other bubbles.

All the bubbles floated around, wondering which arrangement of bubbles is the right one, which color is the true enlightenment.

Several bubbles started to notice something peculiar. They noticed that all bubbles, no matter what color, arose and fell within a bubble-less silence or space. They began to just rest and know their real nature as this bubble-less silence to which all bubbles come and go.

This provided a deep and profound peace. All other bubbles started to get on board, each experiencing the peace.

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~ by Scott Kiloby

Spiritual Bubbles

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