The recent rescue of the miners in Chile, broadcast live to over 1 billion people worldwide, had built in to it a sense of Presence. Perhaps that presence was transmitted by the Chilean President who looked deeply into the eyes of each miner as he emerged from deep inside the earth.

Or perhaps it was the way family members greeted these men who survived the longest underground entrapment from a mining accident that seemed so certain to take their lives. Or perhaps it was the collective energy of so many people all over the planet wishing and praying for the miners’ safety and then seeing these wishes come true as the best possible of all outcomes – every miner brought back alive and well.

Inside this Presence of Being lives other virtues like Cooperation, Compassion and the Brotherhood of Man. Deep inside this experience lives the teachings of Jesus beamed out to world from a country that is 70% Catholic. During this rescue mission, we truly saw one man being another brother’s keeper.

And the whole world watched, in unison. For 22 hours the world was joined in a shared, emotional moment of good will. Every viewer, onlooker, family member and rescue worker were participating in a New Earth moment. And the whole world watched.

In this New Earth moment, we became a planet and a people where care and consideration are resident dwellers of open and caring hearts; where the highest elected official of a country stands with his wife in parkas in the freezing cold all night to hold the space for safety and survival; and where each rescued miner is greeted like an equal by dignitaries and ordinary people alike.

We are capable of this kind of New Earth moment every day. It is the power of Now, fueled by genuine care and love for one another, infinite and all penetrating in every moment.

~ by Eckhart Tolle

Rescue in Chile: The Spiritual Dimension

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