And so
there is only One
all else is illusion
construction in mind
there is nothing happening here
there is only
One Being Awareness

stillness silence perfection
and in the stillness
a breathing perhaps
as if
there is only One

and all this is that breathing
all this is That
we are That
we are that One
yet not –
not even we are One
because there is no we
only One

I Am That
And That is All

and That is the Brilliance
which all this is –
life death love anguish
compassion understanding healing

the Brilliance within
where the Heart opens and there is
no self no one
only aching beauty
and overwhelming gratitude


~ To hear the complete poem by the ‘david carse‘ thing, from the book: Perfect Brilliant Stillness, read by the ‘terence stamp’ thing: >>>Click Here.


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