Look at the world from the space behind your face. As a person approaches you or a situation begins to unfold in front of you, notice that you are looking from that space. Space is what naturally allows the person or situation to be exactly as it is.

When you look in the mirror, you see a form that you call “you” staring back at you. It appears that you are a totally separate person. But when you walk away from that mirror and look at the world, you are looking from a space. From an internal view, you have no head.

There is only space looking at whatever is happening.

Don’t look at the world from the filter of a concept including the idea that you are a “person,” “Christian,” “Buddhist,” or even that you are “space,” “no self,” “awareness” or “Oneness.” Those are all just concepts. Look from the actual space that you are. You are the space in which even these concepts appear.

Don’t get stuck in simply witnessing what arises. Once this actual space is recognized, see that this space is immediately intimate with whatever is arising. There is no boundary between the space and what is appearing in the space. This is another way of saying that there is no self separate from the rest of life. This is the realization of Oneness.

~ by Scott Kiloby www.kiloby.com

Look from the Space

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