Whenever they gather, emerging Christians are committed to supporting all participants in their direct discovery and experience of their ‘Christ’ nature. No dogma, no belief system, and no ritual is necessary for this discovery. Peace, love and eternal truth already lives in our heart. When our attention is turned toward and remains on the nameless presence alive in our heart, life in and as ‘Christ’ is natural and effortless.

A principle of this spiritual path is that each of us, in our own experience, has no head (visible to ourselves) — we are, therefore, capacity for others and the world. (This is not for believing, not for taking on trust, but for testing.) This also means that when we meet together, there is no ‘head’ of the group, no hierarchy.

Each person of course has their own special role, their own unique view from this space, their own unique contribution. But at the same time, each is this indivisible Space — all of it, not a part of it — and each is seeing and being this ‘space’ perfectly. Or, since one can only really speak for oneself, my seeing and being this ‘space’ means that here at centre I find no divisions, no ‘me and you’, no better or worse ‘seers’, no beginners and advanced, but only this One — this One that includes and is all.

Each gathering, therefore, is an opportunity to meet with others who see and value this Space, an opportunity to share our different and changing responses to this visible, unchanging, infinitely creative Being that we are. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover a new dimension within that can revolutionize how you see and experience everytning in your world.

Why Emerging Christians Gather

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