They ask me, “How can man and God be one?
It makes no sense; it can’t be understood.”
I answer, “He is all, and all are He!
No other exists but Him; so who are you?”

Becoming one with God is just the realization
Of what is and has always been true.
The self you think you are is only a mirage;
The Self you’ve always been is that eternal One.
We go about in our illusory shells,
Identifying with the dance of atoms,
A mere framework of form and ideas.
But only when He opens wide our inner eye
Is it revealed that we are Him and He is us.

This truth is not so easily perceived;
It’s hidden by the power He wields.
And even when it’s once revealed,
It’s hard to hold; it slips away.
We pray, we concentrate our minds on Him,
And search our inner sky for that all-revealing Sun.
We shut out all distracting thoughts,
And open up our souls to Him.
Yet rarely does the clear light dawn
That shows our own eternal face.

More often we rely on thoughts inspired
That come to us as wisdom from on high.
Our prayers, our yearning hearts, uplift us
To that place where thought runs pure and clear;
And in this way we come to know His presence deep within.
But those who’ve gained His favor know a higher vision still;
His Grace reveals the truth of truths:
The Self of all is “I”!

They ask me, “How can man and God be one?”
I ask them, “In the Unity that is His all-inclusive Self,
How can you imagine there are two?
If nothing else exists but God,
Then who, on earth, are you?

~ by Swami Abhayananda Songs in Praise of God
(Again, apologies for the obvious lack of gender-neutrality in this ‘song’ written decades ago. Ed.)

They Ask Me

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