Editor’s note: the following was written in the 1960’s when writers were not so aware of gender-biased language. Though not well-phrased by today’s standards, this piece will be of value if a certain lack of gender-sensitivity in it’s terminology is overlooked … or forgiven.

Before creation, pure Consciousness alone rested in a vibrationless, unconditioned state. This is the transcendental aspect of God which is forever changeless. But, there is also a manifest aspect which appears as creation. The two aspects are not separate, because the transcendental aspect is the sole cause and sustainer of all relative manifestations.

All created things are extensions, in form, of pure Consciousness. Therefore, there is nothing in this or any other world which is not Consciousness in manifestation. Creation as we behold it, is life acting upon itself. It is our lack of intuitive insight which causes us to conclude that matter is anything but Spirit formed. Even scientists today declare creation to be energy formed and we can, by following energy back to its source, conclude that it is really light, and light is but a manifestation of Consciousness. On the spiritual path it is extremely important to remember this basic truth, that Consciousness, the sole Reality, is appearing as creation.

In this ocean of Consciousness which was, and is, appearing as creation, is the only life there is and the only light there is. This life and light exists even when men in spiritual ignorance fail to comprehend it. A man in darkness, who lacks intuitive perception, cannot perceive the light which is in and through him and without which, he would not be. All men must eventually be awakened or spiritually quickened before they can comprehend the Truth about life. This awakening is the second birth, which awakens the soul intuition and enables us to become aware of the finer forces … and eventually enables us to realize the true nature of God.

Intellectual willingness may precede this awakening, but it cannot take the place of it. Degrees of spiritual awakening are accompanied by the comprehension of new areas of life and consciousness. The law is the same for all men; he that seeks shall find.

God is the true Light which animates all humankind. The positive manifestation of pure Consciousness, Universal Intelligence (Christ Consciousness) revealed God. But, even though this Light was revealed in the life of Jesus, the world could not conceive or comprehend it at the level of mass perception. This is true even today.

The Light is just as available today as it was at any time in history, but people who are not intuitively awakened cannot discern It. When men are deluded their perceptions are feeble and they tend to be materialistic, since the material aspect of creation is all they can perceive through their senses. The deluded condition of men is not his true condition and it is only temporary.

When man learns to awaken and begins to receive (accept) the Infinite here and now, he comes into the realization of tremendous power due to his comprehension of Omnipotence and Omnipresence. He then realizes his true nature as a son of God, a divine being. Every soul is Spirit individualized and therefore, is what God is. A true spiritual message encourages man to awaken and come into the realization of this truth in order that he might be saved from misery and pain due to ignorance. All who “believe in his name” or commune with their God-nature, are led into the realization of ultimate truth.

Just as creation came into manifestation from the pure, unconditioned state through successive stages, so man can begin where he is and move back to the realization of himself as pure Spirit. Since the first emanation from the Center is Universal Intelligence or Christ Consciousness, one who moves through the veils of awareness to become aware of this, partakes of, and is able to manifest, accordingly. It is literally true that all must “repent” or turn their attention from the world of appearances back to the source of all forms and appearances.

The soul, individualized Spirit, in truth, is never born of flesh. It identifies with the body because of ignorance. But its beginning was of God … when Spirit individualized as it. It is obvious that mere believing in a doctrine of salvation is not enough to liberate man from bondage. But, contemplation that results in the realization of Oneness is a sure way.

~ From: The Hidden Teachings of Jesus Revealed, by Roy Eugene Davis. (1968)

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