(Essentially) everyone is the Christ. Our shortcomings are simply the degree in which we are not aware of it.

Though it would always seem that external forces other than ourselves are responsible for our wellbeing or otherwise, it is really only ever the degree of our individual state of consciousness, our state of mind (as ye believe, so shall it be unto you) that manifests and appears as our mortal experience ….

On the mental level, there can appear to be other than ourselves communicating with us, leading, guiding, directing, but this is still only our own consciousness unfolding, because there IS only One, and the fact that we think there are other than ourselves is but a sense of separation, the belief in two powers, or a selfhood apart from God, in which division exists.

Ultimately, all belief shall be transcended as we come into the fullness of our realization of oneness with the source and substance of all being and all life, which is God.

~ From: The Day of Awakening by Tony Titshall

There Is Only One

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