In the last issue of The Seer, we announced that we would be suspending our gatherings at Gurukula while extensive renovations were carried out. At that stage we thought that we would be able to resume our normal program of activities in mid-October.

The repainting etc. is continuing as we write and the house is looking quite splendid again, though the disruption to our normal routine has been far greater than we imagined at the outset. We’ve had the movers in twice now to relocate furniture so all the floors can be polished or recarpeted

Also, since then, affairs in our life-experience have come to a head and we now find ourselves facing a necessary move back to our family in Melbourne in the not too distant future.

We’ll be quite reluctant to leave this beautiful place and our much loved community of friends that has grown up around Gurukula, but this seems to be the way life is unfolding for us at this stage so we are at peace with the ‘Isness’ of it all.

Our home and centre will probably put on the market in mid October. Full particulars will soon be posted on the Net and we’ll let you know the Web address in the next issue of The Seer. Given our ideal location and the architectural features of the property, our agents anticipate a fairly quick sale.

We don’t have a place in Melbourne to go to yet but we’ll start looking once Gurukula has been sold. We shall be looking for a place where we can continue to share the teaching that sets us free from mind-made suffering.

Unfortunately, this means we will not be hosting any further gatherings at Gurukula, though we will continue our counselling work from here as long as possible.

We do apologise for this unforeseen development and hope that it won’t cause you too much disappointment or inconvenience. ‘Headless’ gatherings will continue under the leadership of Sam & Navi Blight and we’re hoping others in Perth will feel led to share the truth-teachings of Eckhart and Adya etc.

As I write this, I recall a day a decade or more ago when I climbewd to the very top of the main-mast of the tall ship Leeuwin II. Engraved on the cap at the very top of the mast I found the dictum, “Every End is a New Beginning” That is how we feel about the ending of our sojourn in Fremantle.

Change is in the Air

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