One of the ways you begin to negate is to understand your circular patterns. Here is a technique that you can try:

Try and understand your own circle first. It might be something along the following lines.

Discomfort > Movement > Relaxing > Boredom > Discomfort > Movement > Relaxing > Boredom etc.

So then break it up. Pull it apart. When you are in a state of discomfort which could be anywhere between very mild frustration, to full blown rage, what do you do next?

Do you meditate harder? Do you ask a question? Do you distract yourself, e.g. listen to music or read a spiritual text to try and find the ‘answer’ etc? What ever you are doing, try and define it as best as you can, really try and narrow it down. Make a journal for a few days and just note exactly what you do when discomfort appears in your life.

Assuming you have the pattern down conceptually, then at least you have something to work with.

Start getting a feel for discomfort. What I mean by that is really become familiar with your discomfort. Write about it, just let the words flow without thought or editing, what does discomfort feel like in actuality? Keep going back to the experiential state of discomfort and keep noting what occurs, until you start being able to hold the discomfort longer and longer.

Now the circle is getting smaller so that you’re spiralling inwards.

Discomfort > Movement > Discomfort > Movement > Discomfort > Movement and so on.

What is happening here psychologically and spiritually is the circle is collapsing on itself, much like a Black Hole. You are using the energy of discomfort to destroy discomfort rather than looking for something external to alleviate the discomfort.

You can do a lot of preliminary work before doing this, eg read up on the malleability of pain, or go the quantum physics route etc that helps to break up concepts, but eventually there has to come a time, where the works needs to be performed at an intrapersonal level.

~ by Edward Traversa, Melbourne, Aus. Visit Eddie’s blog at Truth Realization.

Negating Patterns

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